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Supply Chain


Get paid faster when you use our supply chain financing options. Collaborate and partner up to propel growth

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Supply Chain Financing

Supply Chain Financing is a financing method that enables supply chain partners to get short-term financing for their approved invoices when required. This finance can be drawn by the supplier upon invoice issuance or payment due date, thereby improving liquidity. 

Extend Payment Terms and Improve Cash Flow

Supply Chain Financing sits at the center of your global working capital strategy. With our intelligent and transparent platform, both parties have complete control over cash flow. You can collaborate with your partners and other business associates to craft programs that meet each party's liquidity objectives. Payment terms become academic.

Invest in Security and Sustainability

Your global supply chain is one of your most strategic assets, so it pays to look after it and reduce supply chain risks. Ensuring consistent access to finance when suppliers need it offers them resilience against economic volatality, grater financial certainty, and stability that helps them to invest in innovation or improving efficiency and quality. 

Collaborate For Sustainable Growth

Our solution helps manage the complexity of large global supply chains and improves supplier relationships. Relationships with suppliers focus more on value creation and less on payment terms. By providing access to cash at a reasonable cost, you are investing in the business relationships.

Remove Manual, Laborious Operations

It's all about removing distractions and automating and digitising your business. In the supply chain, we're dealing with countless people in between, to get the products to the doorsteps of consumers. By leveling up efficiency, automating time-consuming tasks, and reducing human error, we are able to improve the performance of the entire supply chain. 

How Supply Chain Financing Works

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The Benefits of Supply Chain Financing

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Efficient Workflow

With a secure and safe way to finance your business, efficiency will improve and so will cash flow. Easing up on your working capital enables you to invest in other more important parts of your business.

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