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Who Is INFT? What We Do

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Improve cash flow with affordable business term loan. Improve efficiency, expand, eliminate tight cash flow.

INFT offers flexible business funding which includes business term loan and an array of financial solutions. Why should you go with INFT? Our approach is flexibility to help the underserved business community and oil the local Malaysian supply chain mechanics.


No matter how big or small your business is, INFT has the right business financing solutions to help propel your business to its next level. Whether you sign up for a Business Term Loan from INFT, or our Invoice Factoring facility, we are game to help you expand your reach and improve your cash flow.


With the business financing solution from INFT, you can create additional revenue streams, renovate your retail business outlet, or give your operations a digital revamp. Whatever it takes to make your business more profitable.


When you bank on INFT, you're investing in growth.


Find out more about our Business Financing Solutions and Supply Chain Financing Now!

Our Services

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Supply Chain Financing

Business Financing

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Activate invoice factoring to shorten repayment terms or offer your partners short-term loan financing for approved invoices.

Short-term loan for Small Businesses in Malaysia that will free up your cash flow. Reasonable interest rate and repayment terms. Find out more now!


Our financial solutions were designed to meet your needs, whether you're a small startup or an established leader in the market. We are consistently changing to meet market needs. We understand that all businesses will need some form of financial assistance at some point in time to help fuel growth and expansion.


Companies most suitable for our products are SMEs in the B2B sector or Malaysian companies looking to improve their business either digitally or operationally.

  • SME profile, i.e. sole-proprietor, partnership, private limited company

  • Business registered in Malaysia, is Malaysian-controlled and Malaysian-owned with at least 51% shareholding

  • Business in operation for ≥ 1 year

  • Key person age shall be between 25 to 65 years old

easy appplication

Apply for a short-term business loan in just 3 minutes.

get approved

Get approved as fast as 3 hours upon submission of all relevant documents.

fast disbursement

Expedited disbursement as fast as 3 hours upon approval. 

nO Collaterals

We focus on helping you reach your full potential bsaed on alternate data and facts, not just financial position. 

Our Core Brand Pillars


To consistently improve and design new solutions for businesses


To have a hassle-free process for business operations


To allow any company to come to us – for any and all financial needs

Enquire More About Our Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What is INFT's SME Business Financing? INFT's business financing solution is a form of short-term business loan designed to meet with the needs of most Malaysian SMEs. The loan is often used by Malaysian businesses as a part of their working capital, to meet daily operational expenses, to invest in productive assets for the company, or to inject funds into projects that will ultimately grow the business.

2 - What makes INFT's business term loan interesting? Although, essentially, the short-term business loan works just like other types of loans offered by other Malaysian financial institutions and banks, INFT focuses on bridging the gap where lies the underserved Malaysian business communities. We do not require a collateral and INFT looks at alternate data when processing your application. We strongly believe in the potential of a company lies beneath the caliber and experience of its people and, of course, supporting data.

3 - Are small businesses qualified for a short term business loan from INFT? Yes, absolutely! INFT's focus is on making short term business financing available to as many small and medium businesses in Malaysia as possible. We want to make business financing as simple, more efficient, effective, and affordable than ever before. Each business that we help fund, we become a part of their unique success story. We draw insight into each entrepreneurial journey and become stronger and better. To us, you're, first, a business owner; then you're a business.

4 - What is Supply Chain Financing? Supply chain financing involves various types of financing solutions. It's a financing method that enables supply chain partners to get short-term financing for approved invoices whenever required. The facilities can be used by suppliers when they factor in their issued invoices to INFT to get almost-instant cash from the invoices without waiting out the repayment term.

5 - What's the benefit of getting a business loan? An SME short-term business loan can expedite your business growth without diluting your equity to achieve your goals. When used wisely, it can jumpstart projects that will take your company to its next level. If you're facing a cash flow hiccup, the short-term loan will smoothen it out.

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Tel.: +6018-7928328

Office Hours

Mon to Fri: 9:00am to 6:00pmSat, Sun and Public Holidays: Closed.



Add: 20 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City
#04-60, Singapore 573968


Tel: (+65) 6635 5668

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