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Getting To Know INFT

Hi there! We are happy to have you visit our site! To get started, let us tell you more about INFT.

About INFT

INFT is one of the region's first neo-banks, a one-stop financing and banking solutions provider that caters to underserved communities.

We aim to fill the gap for more than 70 million small and medium businesses in the Southeast Asian region.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Many companies are looking for ways to grow and scale their businesses with fresh funding as we climb out of the pandemic.

INFT is a financial solution provider for small businesses, with products and tools that will help you tide over rough patches by freeing up your cash flow.

Scale Your Business with a Flexible Business Term Loan

The most important mission for INFT is to help small businesses in Malaysia solve their everyday financial problems. This is especially true as we recover from the effects of the pandemic.

To find out more about our Business Term Loan, call us at +6018-7928328 or email us at

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